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22 Healthy Foods for Specific Body Parts

I have heard this quite a times that you are what you eat but I never thought that they literally mean this. There are some natural foods that closely resembles to the body parts and organs and they surprisingly affects those specific parts they ...Read More

18 Favorite Foods from the Nature’s Pharmacy

With the mere hint of sneeze, cough or flu, we all head to antibiotics and medications and by doing this we open our bodies towards the numerous side-effects and health hazards as well as weakens the immune system. Medications are not always healthy and ...Read More

Top 16 Powerful Slim Body Foods

Excess fats in the body leads to several heart diseases, irregular cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and many other problems including diabetes. In fact, according to a study, 20 different types of cancer is related with obesity and high fats stored in the body. ...Read More

Top 10 Best Winter Detox Foods

Detox means removing toxins from your body with the help of healthy selection of foods and drinks throughout the day. People who followed any detox diet reported that they feel more energetic, fresh and lively. This could be because detox helps you remove all ...Read More

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