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10 Home Remedies and Prevention Tips for Heat Stroke

Summer is always angry and it never spares us from running for the hills by being so unforgiving. It’s not just hot outside but inside too. Summer doesn’t let you feel comfortable anywhere nor in homes neither in offices. Though air conditions are continuously ...Read More

Study Reveals Marijuana Kills Cancer Cells

Medical Marijuana – other name of the drug is medical cannabis. It is grown in the parts of the world that grows resins which has a special compound called cannabinoids. Some of the cannabinoids are so psychoactive to act on the conscious level and ...Read More

Is Cannabis A Cure For Brain Cancer?

Is Cannabis a cure for brain cancer? It’s our today’s topic but how actually cancer happens? Abnormal growth of cells in the brain cause brain cancers or brain tumour, which may lead to death if not taken proper care and treatment. All the tumours ...Read More

Different Ways to Use Fresh Summer Herbs

Herbs are super amazing things that not only add delicious taste to the food but it also has numerous health benefits. Adding a little green has literally bring a lot of difference to the taste, aroma and health. It is a lot better to ...Read More

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